SL- Monitor MPC anlysis device for the SL Sensors.

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Up to 100 Sensors can be connected through USB to the analysis device MPC. The SL-Monitor MPC uses WIN-7/8 and uses interfaces from NET, LAN, Bluetooth and USB. The measuerements are countinuously recorded on screen and hard disk and can be read overnetwork or on site. Up to four analog channels are provided per interface, wich can be used for SL-Senors or by temparature monitoring.


Digital input/output channels are optional. Two analogue output channels are optional (0-10 V or 4-20 mA) per interface.


For the visualization are different solutions avalable. On the first picture above is a 7 inch touchscreen shown, wich can be wall mounted.

Technical Data:  
Supply: 24V DC / 25 Watts
Interface: NET, LAN, Bluetooth, USB
Miscellaneous: Special sizes and customizations on request.


All specifications arsubject to change without notice.