The SL-Sensors measures the concentration and changes in chemicals fast, econimically and in hight resolution.They are suitable for almost all chemicals like e.g. HCL, HF, NH4OH, H2O2, TMAH, IPA, H2SO4, etc.


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With 4-20 mA interface the sensors can be adjusted to your process. So the desired dissolution can be adjusted on your process. With the Sl monitor used, is the dissolution with 200 scale parts for the adjusted range. With 4-20 mA interface the dissolution is because of your evaluation. Temperature influence: The sensor is not temperature-compensated, which is sufficient also for most requirements well. If a compensation should be desired, the option can be ordered with the SL monitor, or by a linear factor into your evaluation to be easily considered. The remarks of the sensors differ after their employment and the concentration. So is the type A forhigh concentrations and upward openly, the type D for very small concentrations with delimitation of the measuring range upward. All remarks are available also as laboratory instrument.


All here mentioned sensors are working on the same principle and are characterized through:


+ Precision: they reach a measuring accuracy usually only given in much more expensive procedures.

+ High Reproductibility

+ Speed: High frequency measurement is extremely fast.

+ Optional online-connectivity, therefore easy to use for regulation.

+ Convenientness: Concentrations are measured without the sensor getting in contact with the chemical.




+ Almost no maintenance and wear.

+ No Contamination of the chemical by the sensor, no affection by energy entry.


The SL-Sensors can be supplied with different interfaces.