HUB-Sensor "DH-4"

The Sensor is attached to the pressure retaining valve and controlls the tapppet movement.

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The sensor is gas-tight sealed against the pressure retaining valve. The non-contact measuring of the signal is based on the modulation caused by the tappet. This modulation is amplified and transferred to an Impulse molder, which turns the signal into a 100 m sec Impulse.The complete electronics is accomodated in one housing. The sensor has a LED following the initial signal. The sensitivity is adjustable.

Technical Data:  
Supply: 19-30V DC /100 mA
Exit: 15 mA over 1.5 k Ohm switching against GND
Housing: PE
Dimensions: Diameter 56 mm, length 55 mm
Frequenz: Pulse width 100 mS ca. 0-8 Hz or customers specific.
Miscellaneous: Special sizes and customizations on request.


All specifications arsubject to change without notice.