Pressure measurement device "Druleck 2"

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The Druleck 2 is a PC-controlled pressure- and leaktester for catheters and balloons.

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The Druleck 2 tests balloons and catheters via gas pressure. The easy and fast handling from the Druleck 2 makes a 100 % inspection possible. The Drucleck has two freely programmable pressure threshold. The first pressure threshold messures the diameter from the balloons and the second makes the maximum pressure test. The pressure is also freely programmable and goes up to 30 bar.


The software makes it possible to enter a lot of different parameter for each program. That makes the process very reproductible. The software equates to ISO DIN 13485 and FDA. Including a History, a Logbook and a Operater- and Programm-administration.The history, from the software, makes it possible to check the results from the tests over a long term.

Technical data:  

<= 30 bar, optional 50 bar.

Control: Controlled over Windows PC by including software.
Dimensions without PC: (L/W/H) 320 x 200 x 130 mm, Weight: 6.5 kg
Housing: Clean room-compliant design, top made of stainless steel.

110-230V/ 50-60Hz; 24V/70W, USB-Interface.
4 mm AD Pressure tube 30/50 bar filtered.

Scope of delivery: Basic unit, Software, Dongle Operating Instructions in English.

Thickness measurement system, cable and CD,

PC-Win 7/8 for programming.

Miscellaneous: Special sizes and customizations on request.


All specifications arsubject to change without notice.