Radial Force Tester "RF-200"


The RF-200 can be used in all cases where Quick and simple force measurement is required.

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It enables quick recording and evaluation of individual processes in production and in the laboratory. One of its main applications is measuring the radial force of stents for quality assurance.
The measuring object is placed in a heated water bath. The included software starts the measurement. An Init-program considers the force of the water. The start value is determined using a force threshold value. The further process steps in the program are then processed. It is thus possible to cover a wide process window with just one program.


Technical data:  
Maximum opening: 40 mm
Maximum length: 200 mm
Force messurement: 25N, Measuring bar via measuring amplifier with tare function, Resolution <1µN
Lienar resolution: < 0,1µm
Drive: Linera spindle
Bath heater:
Low voltage heater 35 W
Control: Controlled over Windows PC by including software.
Dimensions without PC: (L/W/H) 250 x 310 x 290 mm, Weight: 22 kg
Housing: Clean room-compliant design, top made of stainless steel.
Supply: 110-230V/ 50-60Hz; 24V/120W, USB-Interface.
Scope of delivery:

Basic unit, Software, Dongle Operating Instructions English.

Accessories: PC-Win 7/8 for programming.
Miscellaneous: Special sizes and customizations on request.


All specifications are subject to change without notice.