Wet Process Technology

We provide comprehensive cleaning technology for the removal of laser slag, as well as for the last cleaning processes before packaging. Like most of our machines, all of our cleaning equipment is software-based.

Electro Polishing
Electro polishing is one of the decisive processes that influence quality and compatibility of the product in the body. The micro-chemical processing smoothens out the surface, which reduces the chemically active surface in the body. At the same time, the typically dynamic behavior in the blood stream is improved by the smooth structures of the surface of the product. We offer different machines for a large range of different materials. We have a selection of different types of equipment for usage in the laboratory to fully automated polishing machines.


Electro Polishing Machine

The elektro polishing system Avantgarde pursues a new concept of process improvement with a reduction of the employee effort.

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CL 200

Wet process CL 200

The cleaning machine automatically performs the sequence of the cleaning process.

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Final Clean

cleaning machine

After the last inspection, before packing, the product must be free of contamination of any kind to correspond to the normative microbiological requirements.This is made possible with the Final Clean.

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