Tube Extending Device "GEMINI"


The two axes on the GEMINI enable a multitude of different applications. E.g. two-sided tapering of tubes for the manufacture of large balloons with reduced necks. Stretching of long tips and forming of graduated catheters are also possible.

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The GEMINI is controlled by means of the supplied software, which enables virtual representation of the executed process. This means that complex processes can be implemented quickly and easily. The tube is manually inserted and held by a quick-acting clamp fixture, which can be used over a large diameter range. 


The infrared heating enables an adjustable constant energy transfer, which heats the tube equally both inside and out; this results in uniform stretching of the molecules in the tube, so that burning of the tube is excluded. The result is uniform stretching over the complete tube diameter.


The housing of the GEMINI has been specially designed for use in clean rooms. The use of compressed air has been dispensed with, and the machine has been largely encapsulated. The stainless steel surfaces of the housing are easy to clean.


Technical Data:



All standard materials – PA, PUR, PTFE, PET, …


2 independently controlled axes, programmable speed and track

Length of travel: 500 mm on each side
Heating: 2 bright infrared emitters of 100 watts each
Tube diameter

Standard: 0.5-8 mm, other sizes optionally available


Programming via Windows PC with the enclosed software.

Dimensions without PC: (L/W/H) 1780 x 560 x 170 mm, Weight: 90 kg

Clean room-compliant design, top made of stainless steel.

Connection: 110-230V/ 50-60Hz/ 300W, USB-Interface.
Consumption: < 0.1 KW/h
Scope of delivery:

Machine, Software, Dongle, Operating Instructions in English.

Accessories: PC-Win 7/8 for programming.
Miscellaneous: Special sizes and customizations on request.


All specifications arsubject to change without notice.